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What We Offer

Player bouncing in a bubble

So what is it, and how does it work

Between 8-14  players from depending on venue – various games available..

The Player slides their top half into a large clear bubble pumped full of air. Shoulder straps and handles give them control. Then, just like normal football, try and get the ball in the goal. The difference here is that just the slightly nudge or knock against an opponent will send you both flying! This is lots of fun and completely painless. The bubble is safe and secure and you are fully protected. Jump at each other, bash into each other – do what you want in order to get the ball (or your opponent down!). You don’t need to be an expert football player as the bubbles level the field.

More than just football

We offer more than just a game of football and can mix it up during one session – it’s your choice

  • Football – standard game of football – but with a twist!
  • Sumo – 1v1.. get your opponent out of the ring!
  • British Bulldog – the classic game, make it to the other end without being tagged! Once down you’re in the middle
  • Stomprocket – a bit like capture the flag, instead fire the other team’s rocket! Good strategy game
  • Last man standing – a 2014 favourite! everyone for themselves! form alliances and take out the strong players first

Where can I play

This is the great bit – pretty much anywhere! Astroturf (3G) and sports halls can be used all year round but we have to restrict grass fields to the summer months for health & safety. We leave it to you to pick and book your chosen venue. You let us know where you want to play, how many players and your preferred date and we’ll see you there!